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Sandra Weckert

Every person who leads is a leader, but how do you become a leader with sovereignty, popularity and natural authority? How can you inspire people so that they independently and passionately set and achieve common goals? How you use the power of music to bring out everything in people, what is in them and become a source of potential development - that is what this lecture is about.

Sandra Weckert, born in 1973, developed the bigbandmethod® on the basis of her biography as a jazz musician and educator, which allows each participant to physically feel how pleasant, fulfilling and joyful learning and acting in a bigband is. The prerequisite for participation is the ability to count to 4, regardless of the language. These experiences of cooperation, physically made on the playing field of the bigband, are then translated into 42 leadership tools and integrated into the toolbox and everyday life of every leader within one year in the accompanying 4 PEP (Processor Empowering People). The bigbandmethod® and the effectiveness of the PEP was tested and evaluated in schools of all kinds, small and medium-sized enterprises, in prisons and in "problem neighbourhoods" in Germany and Morocco. All teaching materials are available in analog and digital form, in German and Arabic.
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